Green Star | LLC

Mission / Vision


The Green Star LP vision is to become the leading provider of renewable energy and clean drinking water to third world countries and offer customers a great experience through a competitive, reliable and full-service business model to accelerate going green while providing the highest standards in power and water.


Through an accomplished team of experienced and formally educated professionals in key positions, our mission is to be a major source for Clean Energy in Mexico and other countries worldwide. Requiring cities to be green cities, and to help establish and recognize profits by becoming a local power company by pushing for Carbon Credits and tax breaks, Green Star can be a resourceful company. As part of the GREEN STAR programs, a thorough examination of the location and feasibility study is conducted to minimize the liability of the investors’ risk in obtaining clean water and energy equipment to be placed on these locations donated or given to Green Star throughout the country. This can save investors a minimum of 20% profit off the bottom line.