Green Star | LLC

Oil, Oil Fracking Water, Water and Gas

Green Star has provided the same desalination system to also clean the Oil, Oil Fracking Water, and Gas flowing through the pipelines in the same way it cleans the water going through the pipelines. Each substance will require a feasibility study to determine what structure is needed, then apply as needed. Our systems can clean water, oil, oil wracking water and gas. 

Maximize Pipeline Safety and Efficiency with Analytics and Decision Support Tools

Oil, water and gas pipelines have been generating huge amounts of operational data for several decades, long before the term IIoT was coined. However, the recent improvement in cloud technology, analytics and computing power has enabled the transformation of data into insights that can provide meaningful decision support to both the operational teams and processes, helping pipelines and operators to gain the next level of operational efficiencies- Optimized Efficiency and Enhanced Safety. 

Green Star’s approach to leverage data, simulation and advanced analytics in a Digital Pipelines 4.0 Strategy, effectively maximizing pipeline efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime.

  • Improve pipeline performance and integrity with real-time insights and analytics
  • Proactively reduce or eliminate pipeline downtime by quickly responding to early warnings of asset failure
  • Allow better collaboration and visualization by centralizing asset performance data
  • Improve workforce productivity while reducing safety risks, operations and maintenance costs