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Green Star is a clean energy and water company established to generate power and clean drinking water globally with concentration on third world nations. Our goal is to help address the poverty that plagues the third world nations because they lack adequate electricity and clean drinking water systems.  

We have capitalized and perfected the newest technology in power and water generation to meet their needs.  Our plants  will help solve the electrical and clean water problems in these nations and reduce blackouts they frequently experience.  With the help of their governments, we are able to reach most cities , towns, regions and provinces.


Mr. JW Jennings, as Chief Executive Officer for Renewable Clean Energy and Water with Green Star, LP., is a dynamic energy, water, construction and management leader with 30+ years of demonstrated business acumen and clean energy talents, having acquired locations and clean energy equipment, providing and operating Solar and Hydro-Electric power and Seawater Desalination Plants. He brings 30+ years of construction portfolio and program management experience in operational development to maximize investments and increase profits, helping the clean energy and water industry worldwide.

Mr. Jennings has a skill set that surpasses most individuals in the field of clean energy, water and auditing locations for installation of both energy and water equipment. His ability to work with and train cities and governments in the field of clean energy and water has lead him to be a leader in clean energy and water. He has sales and marketing strengths that include business development, pricing, purchasing, and representing companies at business and public settings.

A retired Air Force Soldier, Mr. Palomino worked as an international interpreter for Senegalese government as an outreach agent to the Senegalese communities in the United States. His outreach position allows him to represent the country at the United Nations. His expansion knowledge in marketing helped him developed his international business. His connection with the Senegalese governments plays an essential role in getting Green Star presence known in the country. He was an essential player for introducing the Mexico Calabash Bank to the community by marketing the bank to the youth and women. He was able to raise 1 million dollars for the bank within 30 days from the youth and women programs. By creating an aggressive marketing campaign, he was able to develop an aggressive marketing campaign for Mid Atlantic Logistics Unlimited, Inc which enable the company to obtain multimillion dollars accounts. He speaks French fluently making French speaking cities in Mexico accessible to establish Green Star presence. His background and experience with the government are key areas to make our projects a success.

Mr Joksimovich was a Mortgage Broker who acquired over 200 properties.  He Acquired nearly 200 rental units, primarily tri-plex and four-plex buildings, some single family houses in under four years.  He successfully obtained 100+ personal mortgages, ranging from hard money, cross collateralization to conventional mortgages in order to purchase rental units.  Gordon facilitated over 300 mortgage transactions for himself and for other buyers and colleagues that were interested in becoming investors and for cycling existing assets.  Today, he has designed affordable, low income housing and assembled team of professionals to construct, market, lease, and maintain these houses.

Gordon Increased revenue and reduced operating expenses by adjusting operations to meet target market requirements.  He obtained lines of credit and various financing instruments as needed in order to satisfy short, medium and long range business objectives.  He also used various amounts of available equity to finance additional enterprises within the realm of rental properties.

Rob Henkel has more than 13 years of real estate investment, development and house flipping experience. He is very versed with market trends and he considers himself a real estate expert.  With the goal of growing his business, Mr. Henkel joined forces with another local real estate professional Blake Jensen and co-founded Capital Investments in 2012. He has been involved in every aspect of the identification, acquisition, funding, construction, and disposition of every property.  Mr. Henkel has personally been involved in over 400 flips and multiple new builds.  Mr. Henkel has been a licensed Arizona realtor since 2007.

Mr. Slusiewicz brings an advanced level of global and multicultural business experience to his clients, enriching a plethora of international companies in their endeavor to meet worldwide quality and performance standards. 

His areas of expertise include:  Sourcing Strategies & Negotiations • Product Customization • Operational and Business Process Improvement • Purchasing Skills Training for 300+ workshop attendees • Lean Skills Training • Automotive Quality Methods and Techniques • ERP/MRP System Deployment • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook • 6 Sigma Problem Solving Techniques • 5S Shop Floor Organization Excellence • Waste Identification – COMMWIP • 3 by 5 Why and 8D Problem Resolution Methodology • Quick Tool Change Constraint Management • Value Stream Mapping • SMART Goal Setting • TQM / TPM / JIT • Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE)

Steve Piascik is President and founder of PIASCIK, a boutique tax and financial planning CPA firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with offices in Beverly Hills, California. His background and experience in such key areas as international,

state and local tax issues allow him to work effectively with a wide range of clients

from start-ups to Fortune 500 and international companies.

Board of Advisor

The Company has established a Board of Advisors, which includes highly qualified business and industry professionals. The Board of Advisors will advise the Management team in making appropriate decisions and taking effective action. However, the Board of Advisors will not be responsible for Management decisions and has no legal or fiduciary responsibility to the Company. Currently there are six members on the Board of Advisors:

Adam Karp has 18 years of experience of Tax Consulting. His career began in the Big-4
Accounting firms [PWC in London, EY in Century City, then downtown LA at Deloitte], then became licensed as both a CPA and Attorney and continued consulting alongside the Big-4 on an independent basis for publicly traded companies with foreign operations, including Lionsgate, Sony, Toyota, & Boeing




Green Star works with the next generation of clean energy and water technology. 
This technology is reliable and offers a variety of applications which:


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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browser our most recent projects below and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browser our most recent projects below and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.


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